Technical data
Simply by Touch

The philosophy “power on and working” is the first priority for ProdUser®.

In fact, without needing to deal with an operating system and/or peripheral units the control interface (GUI) is very simple to understand
– and easy to use, even for technically unskilled users, because all inputs may be given by a stylus or simple touch of the screen.

Broadcast Quality equalling Professional Studios

Regardless what device or system you desire to connect, ProdUser® recognizes them all and chooses the optimal recording quality automatically.

You can connect a digital camera, a camcorder (old or new, analog or digital), a video recorder, a broadcast, monitoring or operating room camera: ProdUser® offers you all of these options.

You can record data, pictures or entire presentations directly from a CD-ROM, a memory card or by the integrated network adaptor (LAN).
Simply ingenious.

ProdUser® – the Multimedia Specialist


• Professional Video Editing
Professional video editing system allows you to compose live or recorded video in an ingeniously easy way – with storyboard technology.
With the twist of the wrist you can mix video clips, photos and pictures to a marvellous multimedia presentation.

• DVD Recorder and Player
ProdUser® saves data quickly with a touch of the screen and without additional devices on a CD-ROM or DVD or records them on a videotape.

• PPF™ (Picture Paint Function)
With PPF™ you can make interactive presentations: paint directly on the running picture or video – with a stylus or by finger pressure – to add explanations or highlight important information.

• Real-time Editing
All features are in real-time: PPF™, transition effects, colour corrections etc. All your changes are visible on the integrated monitor or on the connected television or beamer projection at the same time.

ProdUser® offers innumerable possibilities: it allows working with any current format. The automatic conversion of PowerPoint® presentations or pictures in DICOM® format into high quality video format is outstanding and unique.

ProdUser® unites all of these formats. Without PC or PC-based software it is possible to record projects on DVD-R/-RW or DVD+R/+RW.

ProdUser® is a solution to the challenge of archiving projects and data because they can be archived on a DVD, CD-ROM or on a second (removable) hard drive. For transferring or saving the data to other systems, you can use the integrated LAN adaptor.

Your investment into ProdUser® is obsolescence-proof: thanks to the modular set-up of the hardware and software developed by Rigoletto Technologies, updates and add-ons can be integrated to ProdUser® easily and cost effectively.
The expert, all-round multimediaspecialist
for creating DVD productions
and professional presentations in top
Simply ingenious.
Ingeniously simple.
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