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Rigoletto Technologies AG was founded in August 2003 with the goal to develop an absolutely new and unique device for the processing of multimedia data including recording, playing and real-time editing.

Only a highly motivated and qualified team could succeed to create in such a short time a completely new stand-alone and non-PC based device with powerful software and hardware.

In order to form a strong team we have relied on people who well know their specific field but with understanding and knowledge of other fields, too.

The current team is formed by 10 software and hardware engineers with excellent formation and radical knowledge and by 2 experienced persons with skills in marketing and business economics.

We are proud of our performance and ProdUser. Have a look at it!

Rigoletto Technologies AG
8118 Pfaffhausen

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The expert, all-round multimediaspecialist
for creating DVD productions
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Simply ingenious.
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